Et Cafe - 11​/​29​/​08 + Demos

by The Wurlitzer Life

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This was the 1st or 2nd occurrence of the Wurlitzer Life in public. It mostly consisted of a revolving group of friends who would get together an hour or two before we were supposed to play and learn a few songs. Most of what you hear the random harmonies and endings with bells and accordion were just kind of made up on the spot. Forgive some of the off vocals it was a very coughing, sick November that year.

The goal is to share this music with anyone out there who'd like to listen and we'd like to offer this for free. However there is gonna be a full quality recording of 5 songs and anything donated would be much appreciated in the quest to create such a recording.


released November 29, 2008

Mike McDonald - Percussion & Vocals
Caleb Boudreaux - Percussion & Vocals
Kendall Faust - Trumpet, Percussion & Vocals
Ric Hohn - Accordion & Percussion
Michael Bishop - Guitar & Vocals



all rights reserved


The Wurlitzer Life Pensacola, Florida

The Wurlitzer Life was the rejection of depression. It existed sometimes as 1 person of 5 people and sometimes a little more. It was happiness regardless of the circumstance. Soon to be revisited and finally recorded.

The Wurlitzer Life was a terrible classical guitar, park benches and late nights singing outside.
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Track Name: Rise and Return (demo)
Truth is found in the Love we came from
All things rise and return to the ground
Where weeping souls sing for redemption
Are you awake
Or are you just sleeping

Swing low sweet chariot
Coming for to take us all home
Heaven send your messenger
Heaven open your arms
Swing low

At night we are turning in our bed
And turning in our graves
Lying silently awake
Feeling the faintness of this existence
I am lost in a forest of shadows on my ceiling
As light creeps through the blinds I call out
But no one answers me
Only my echoes return
"I can feel my own mortality"

We love like ghosts
Scared to let go
Scared to open our eyes
The earth is calling out
The ground is singing
Listen for it singing you to sleep
Track Name: The Dialogue (live)
I pray for you but God ain't smiling at me
Says there's something in my words
Something in my sentences
Son you can't ask me for that
You can't ask me for fiery car wrecks

So I says to him I've grown up right
Heard the truth from three different mouths
How can all of this be wrong
He says, Son can you hear me when you're so loud

Listen for me in everything
And not the steps your heart my stir
The winds will call and the winds will cry
But they will change every time
Here I am and here I'll be waiting for you to see

My sentences end in Love
Track Name: Dreamers Sleep (live)
We live like shadows creeping down halls
Ghosts scared to haunt empty homes
When this world passes on who will be there in the dawn of tomorrow to remember me when I've passed back to dust

Dreamers sleep with their eyes closed
Tomorrow may never come for them

Love is knocking at the door
But we says, "Go away."
"You've already cursed me before"
But have we found what love is
Have we lived outside these hands that are desperately grasping for the ledge
Where below the grave rings for us
To collect what's already due
To satisfy his unsatisfied hunger for the ages

Dreamers sleep with their eyes closed
Tomorrow may never come for them
Track Name: The Traveling Sparrow (live)
Love you live with silent lips
At such a curious distance from us
Are you waiting for the noise to settle in our hearts
The angels are singing amongst the stars, "Oh what a joyous life of ours!"

You wake me from my sleep with only silence for me
But like the wind I can feel you moving

The face of God looks on
Says, "Son where have you gone?
The birds sing and do no sew but I've fed them anyhow.
Those oceans and deserts may separate us, I've not forgotten about you."